Secret Page!

Added Tuesday, January 16th, 2001- You have just access secret page #1. And here is a pic of me running cross country for my college. This was my first race of the season, it was cold as hell, it's Minnesota. It was a 8k and it was not much fun. I am the one in front, don't you just love my short shorts. God I hate those. Too bad I'm wearing long sleeves, you can't see my buff arms, wait for the next secret page for that.
The guy behind me is Nick, he is awesome. Shout out to him. If you want a peice of Nick let me know maybe I can hook you up. Don't you wanna come watch the studs of the Winona Cross Country team run now? Next season your all invited to our meets. And our girls team is incredibly good looking as well. Come check us out, you know you want to.
Until I add a new secret page consider yourself honored and special for finding this cleverly hidden page, and if you found it by dumb luck, then congrats.

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