Billy Art History

This section of the page contains every update that has occurred on BillyArt except for the newest ones which are displayed on the main page. I thank you for checking us out. Please e-mail me if you wish to talk about anything or suggest what to scan next since I have drawing of just about everything. Thanks and enjoy your stay at BillyArt.


4/17/05-Round Two Green Bay is the home of Semke Vs Hessian. If you have any way of getting to Green Bay to see this show please do. Otherwise it will be documented with photos for your viewing pleasure.

Relic Hunt has been officially closed. Go see the ending results.

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3/13/05-Art show March 19th and March 20, from 2pm to 5pm please come visit Dorianne and my art show. Held at my apartment. If you would like more information and have not gotten it, please send me an e-mail or post on the message board. (This is not an update...this is an announcement)

7/31/04-Summer Update! Nine new assorted artworks added. There is a sculpture, a few prints, a few paintings and even a few photos. This summer has been fun and sWo ended their best softball season yet! So congrats to us, and on to fall ball. Please check out the new pictures and leave some comments on the much disputed BAO message board. Also visit and check out the artwork section (where I am a featured artist) along with the other message boards.

Since last update Bingo, my cat, has passed away. So there is a Bingo print that is in her memory. And also a photo depicting Apt F in loving memory of my old apartment. Check them out below.

The Twenty Fourth Superfan rankings update! A big superfan day for those contestants, come check out the rankings and see what you think.

Last call for the Smushbowl voting. Click the banner above to read the interactive online comicbook, before the finale that will come next update. Can the suspense be any thicker? Probably, but the smushing will take place next update.

If you are a single or married female or male of the age of one to one hundred the Billy Art Message Board is here for you. Meet clever people just like you. Talk about your most vivid dreams, be invited to free bowling parties. Learn vital details about the smurfs and how they were wiped out by a bad case of herpes. Swing with the elemental faucets as we listen to upsidedown chips bleeding kleenex pings. You know you want to be here.

6/12/04-New updates all around! Since last update Billy Vs Matt has taken place, plus my All Senior Show, and a show with Melissa and Eric at the Black Horse. So I've got a load of pictures to show you in future updates. I think I will try to do them one show at a time to give you the effect of each show. This update includes a new addition to the long awaited Smush Bowl online comic! Also a series of crayon drawings and a few selected paintings.
Starting one of the next few updates I am going to start retiring old images off of my site each update. Because I am running out of room and need the space. I will probably post the old works on the main page one last time before they are retired from BAO and the internet.

The Twenty Third Superfan rankings update! We have some very interesting developments and fueds going on in the superfans sections, this month is quite a rare listing so check it out!

The profile page has been updated for the first time in years. Please send me an e-mail if anything needs to be added or changed or if you have a website for me to link to your name. I know I am forgetting people to add to that list, just remind me so I can make corrections and add you.

Warning, Caution, Danger and Beware! The Billy Art Message Board is equivalent to a gateway drug, once you start writing on this message board, although not harmful to your health it may increase your risk to write on other message boards that may be harmful to your health or even fatal. In case of contact with your skin please contact your dermatologist, and if you dont have a dermatologist you better start praying. But the best idea is to take full advantage of this message board but beware the urge to move on to more harmful message boards and just stick to mine. Thanks.


Billy Vs Matt! Above are the two posters that are gracing the WSU campus. Probably more to follow. This isn't a conventional update, but because I have been so busy trying to get things done and organized for the show, I havn't had time to update this page. However, I do want you all to know about this show and I would love if any of you wanted to come to the opening reception. Matt Semke and myself were selected about of the senior to have our own show and we dont want to dissapoint anyone.
I am soon going to start retiring old images off of my site each update. Because I am running out of room and need the space. I will probably post the old works on the main page one last time before they are retired from BAO and the internet. By the way I do have the conclusion of the bone form story below.

The Twenty Second Superfan rankings update! It may have been a slow few months with people busy and missing, but something happened for the first time EVER, and the summer is coming soon which is the season of the message board.

Signature of parent or guardian is mandatory before entering the Billy Art Message Board except in Minnesota, Vermont and California. Minors must however obey BAO Law 316: Come often and write often. Please no prostitution on the message board, we've had these problems before and don't want them to restart. But enjoy yourselves.


2004 January Update! If you would like information on my upcoming Senior Show please e-mail your mailing address at: or on the BAO message board. This update is jampacked with interesting stuff to check out and look at. I would also like to introduce to anyone that enjoys incredible board games to check out this german game site at: Brett Spiel Welt which hosts free service for games that I play often at home. Adam has played Settlers at my house and there are numerous other games to play, check it out, make sure to use the english translater code and read all the rules before playing. It's an awesome, free site!

The Twenty First Superfan rankings update! The first superfan of the 2004 has been awarded. Maybe even a few suprises for you all. Then again...maybe not.

If the Billy Art Message Board makes you feel sick, dizzy or nautious at any time, put your head in your lap and close your eyes. If the problem persists or if you are in serious danger or pain at anytime please raise both hands above your head and we will stop the board and escort you to your homepage. If you are pregnant or have any form of disease you are more than welcome to come write on or read the message board, as long as you make sure to keep your hands and legs inside the cart at all times.

Future Updates: Suspense is the key to an exciting update.


December Update! This update is filled with some interesting things, including the two works that went into a gallery in St. Louis Park, thanks to Carsten Slostad for making that happen! There is an altered photo, an in progress wall collage and paintings. I hope you enjoy. By the way everyone needs to clear up some space in April to come to my Senior Select Show, the specific date is unannounced but will be announced here sometime after break, or whenever they (WSU) decides.

Christmas Superfan update! The last superfan before the 2003 Annual Year End Superfan Awards. Can you believe it has been this long? Sniff. Enjoy.

The Billy Art Message Board is void of any calories, cholesterol, nicotine or anything else that can kill you, but it is addicting and does come chalk full of wonderful people and if you scrounge around enough you may find some Victamin C.

Future Updates: Ask Michael J. Fox he knows.


Simply added two pictures above. Chicago, where I visited last weekend, and Winona, the view from my porch. Finally I've got some new stuff to show you! Some sculptures and paintings! Even some larger works! Just a word for everyone, the summer of the TEAM was great here in Winona. Adam and I made a movie called Toadstool's Metamorphosis which hopefully a majority of you have seen. Enjoy the stuff, its a big update and I've got to start flashing the camera again so I can get another big load for next month. Hopefully I'll have time!

WOW look Superfan did get updated! And something happened this time that has never happened in the history of Superfandome! Go check it out!

The Billy Art Message Board is a fun place for all! YAY for us all!


Only twenty days from last update! Two updates in one month, your looking at a man on a mission. A mission to art it up. The big question is: "are you ready to look so good?" Because we all know I am. Here is an odd mix of pictures for you all to enjoy. One painting. Two old charcoal drawings. One photoshop experiment. A bunch of marker drawings. Enjoy.

Superfan update. Another shout out to the worlds' greatest game for all superfan fanatics to play. It's for the month of April so it's an early ballot. The remaining days of April will carry over into next months rankings. (Trying to pretend it even matters)

The Billy Art Message Board is the greatest place on earth. About as much fun as you can have with a place that does not have gambling, nudity, drinking or rollercoasters. But I think we could do nudity upon request. At least I think I can.

Future Updates: I would like to scan some printmaking stuff, more paintings, some drawings, and especially some sculptures. And maybe even a few Homer Simpsons' here and there.


Eight months later again.....and finally new images to show. Thanks to my grandma I found the sufficiant funds to purchase a digital camera. Thus leading to the first new images in almost 16 months. Unfrickenbelievable. These happen to just be the paintings or drawings hanging on my wall currently, more to follow! Hopefully quickly.

Superfan update. Added a link to the worlds' greatest game for all superfan fanatics to play and even half-assedly caught up on the rankings and points. Most people have already played the masterfully crafted game, but if you have not please do immediately. Courtesy of Adam Hafermann.

The Billy Art Message Board has been kicking and screaming lately. Lets all get on board and yell at people. Adam, Phil, MSW, Kris, myself and even Sara Moe are living the good life upon the textual messages of this board. Come join the partae!

Future Updates: I would like to scan some printmaking stuff, more paintings, some drawings, and especially some sculptures. And maybe even a few Homer Simpsons' here and there.


Eight months later.....and still no new images to show. But I can give an update on all the BAO projects. Smushbowl 2- the interactive comic is a few scans away from voting time. This summer has also seen a mass amount of paintings from me, but without a digital camera those won't appear here for a while. I'm gonna leave links to some of the black and whites just so it looks like I have some content on this page.

No Superfan announcement for this update. I am devising a plan to work out all the missed time and missed months. Any ideas let me know via e-mail. I may just skip those months, or just do it from memory or just give mass amount of points to three people. Not sure yet!

The Billy Art Message Board is one of the few things still current and constantly being used here on this website. Any comments or ideas get on the board. Also any IDC (Ill DRawing Competition) news or results can be found on the message board. So drop by and say hi.

Future Updates: Let's just hope it is soon!


Finally the black and white paintings have arrived. A GIANT update. 12 paintings and one marker sketch! Many have already been posted on my message board but I made sure to leave a few just for this update! There are a lot of good stuff today, I hope you guys enjoy them. Please leave any feedback on the message board, especially since this is the first post I have ever included paintings.

No smushbowl page this update! Smushbowl voting is coming very soon, so don't stray too far from your computers. And the relic hunt surprise is still on its way. I just need to find a little extra time and then I will reveal it to all you relic hunt fans. Also make sure to check out the couple new links on the Links page.

October Superfan announced. The Superfan ranking are surely heating up once again with links being posted all over. Sure is making things interesting and also making it VERY hard to pick the winners each month. Keep up the hard work. Also keep in mind the next update will feature November's Superfans, and hoefully that update will be very soon to catch up.

The Billy Art Message Board has been buzzing since the recent arrival of the fantastic MSW, not to mention the triumphant returns of Amanda and Brian. This is a huge update so any mistakes with links or pictures not loading right please let me know on the message board as well. So please stop on by the message boad, since I wanna hear from all of you exciting people!

Future Updates: Splitrock update (not for a good while STILL unless Phil let's me use his scanner over Christmas break *winks at phil*)


The update has arrived. Everyone should check out the recent Long Distance: IDC competitions to check them out or join in the fun see the BAO message board. It has been a good while since my last update so a bunch of new stuff to show. Now that TBNS is working alright I will try to get a good slew of stuff in the near future.

Smushbowl page 8 added! Only two more pages before the voting begins! Start figuring out who you are going to vote for. Should be a great finish in the Smushworld. Also within the next few updates I have a special Relic Hunt suprise, so for those Relic Hunters out there be prepared for that as well.

September Superfan announced. A NEW BAO Superfan Champion. Make sure to check it out and since October is almost over the October Superfan announcement should come next update as well. The Billy Art Message Board has been hot with many topics of conversation and posts of IDC drawings and other artistic endevers (spelling?). Come share your views and topics with us, and any crits and comments are welcome and encouraged. Not to mention the FREE painting giveaway found ONLY on the BAO Message board!

Future Updates: Splitrock update (not for a good while STILL), black and white paintings.


Yes! Relic Hunt is the BAO's 1st EVER Online Game! The big suprise is out. May the HUNT begin. And not only that but Smushbowl has yet another installment ADDED! Who will save Smushworld? Now we have an answer! Check out all the hype! Play Relic Hunt, it is soon to be the next Mario Bros. or Pong.

Smushbowl page 7 added! All ten contestants have been introduced, check out the info page for news on the Smushbowl vote.

August Superfan updated. Some giant news there as well, as we now have a TIE for most #1 Championships! Things are really heating up everywhere in the BAO world. Why not talk about them all, complain about them all, or ask what the hell is going on at the best Billy Art Message Board you have seen. September Superfan coming fast, and with Smushbowl votes, the new Relic Hunt game and two other pics to talk about that board should be plum full.

Future Updates: Splitrock update (not for a good while)

8/25/01-Smushbowl in DANGER! Before we get into Smushbowl I must wish a great big Happy Birthday Jay to my dad. If you havn't already noticed check out the Projects page. Add any banner to your page if you wish. Just easier to keep track on the different thing I am TRYING to do nowadays. This is my first update since arriving back in Winona so it's a small one to get the ball rolling.

Smushbowl page 6 added! Smushbowl continues with another installment. Check it out. Things are getting serious in Smushbowl land. Stay tuned and watch it get even more exciting! Who will be the LAST contestant? The info page is once again updated as well. Page 7 on its merry way!

August Superfan coming next update. So make sure to visit the always flirtatious, sometimes punny and the ALL around fun place....the Billy Art Message Board. Tinkle that keyboard ivory and leave your mark on the stomping grounds of a board. Adam Hafermann, Kris Ericson, Phil Whipps, Pat Reese, even Emily are having fun at the board so run on over and leave your emotional words of wisdom.


FEDJA ONLINE! These 6 images are hand selected by everyones favorite bosnian! Fedja is a co-worker, lives in the same city as me and went to the same high school as me. Everyone LOVES Fedja except America, not America the's a long story. 24 hour attempt number 2 didn't pan out as only I and Phil worked the entire time.

Smushbowl page 5 added! Three new contestants added and now only one left before the JUDGING begins! Page 6 on its way things are heating up in the Smushbowl World! Stay tuned and watch it get even more exciting! The info page is updated as well.

July Superfan
announced. And FINALLY I have caught up on the Superfan rankings! Yes it is true! Now I can sit back until September before I have to update this page again! Oh that sweet time will come in handy!

The always articulating, oversensitizing Billy Art Message Board awaits your glorified presence and sweet liguistic generosity! Adam Hafermann is still simply dominating the board. Want to know anything about my art? My card game? Code: 801 or simply want to advertise your very own website this is the place to go!


Triad Peace has arrived! Happy Birthday to my mom, Lori Hessian, and to Adam Hafermann, who's Birthday I forgot to mention last month. The 24-hour comic has been scanned and uploaded for all you BAO fans. Check it out! Hopefully you'll like it as much as I feel proud of it. Make sure if you havn't check out the page in a while that you check the history because there has been some good updates in the last few weeks.

Projects page added, to allow everyone to keep track of my many projects. It will also seperate and single out each time I further either project.

June Superfan
announced. Trying to catch still with the Superfan competition. This update helps a lot, being only 3 days after my last.

The glorious, fantabulous Billy Art Message Board awaits your words of wisdom! It is a NEW message due to Coolboards closing. Adam Hafermann is simply dominating the board, and in prime Superfan contention for July and August, can anyone outdue his posting rampage? Leave comments on my card game, Triad Peace, or my page layout, anything that you want to know. See you there.

Still the Next Updates: Splitrock work, and Fedja Online?!?


Ill Drawing Competition!

As mentioned in last update Ill D.C. is here! Click the banner to enter. The creator and owner of the page Phil Whipps is the man in charge of this operation. The Ill D.C. can be explained further HERE! John Ennenga has entered our little game and is a valued member of the crew. Speaking of Whipp's, Matt Whipps' Art Webpage has been created, Phil's bigger brother. Check it out.

The 24-hour comic experience went SUCCESSFUL! In fact I enjoy my comic named Triad Peace! An entire 24-page comic in 24-hours without stopping, the story, the drawing, the inking all done and completed, and then worked for 8 hours afterwords. The story worked well, and I plan on making a colored cover and then scanning all 24 pages of glory. Be ready for it... it is AWESOME. I will also be listing the events from that night as well, including participants and happenings. Links page also updated.

May Superfan
announced. Trying to get caught up with months. This moves me closer to schedule, but I need more updates to get myself further caught up. Wish me luck, as I wish YOU luck on the future superfan competitions.

Billy Art Message Board! It is a NEW message due to Coolboards closing. My 24 comic, my search for internships, my art major, etc. Ask questions for me to answer. Or rant and rave, whatever tickles your funnybone.


Billy Art Online One Year Anniversary UPDATE!

First I need to wish a Happy Birthday wish to: John Ennenga. John has not been a big part of the online section of BAO but has a input behind the scenes since I work with him all the time and collaberate often. This weekend will witness a giant 24-hour comic experience! Scott McCloud created this idea long ago, and many people have done it, do an entire 24 page comic in 24 hours without stopping, the story, the drawing, the inking all done once the timer starts, no thinking or planning ahead. Be asured you BAO fans will see the results first."Ill Drawing Compitition" coming soon. Phil Whipps, John Ennenga and I are all the ones involved currently, and the webpage will be up soon. This is only a teaser. But be ready for a revolution.

Smushbowl page four is up! And also, page 5 is near done, after I can fix my scanner I will present the NEXT page introducing three more contestants! Get ready to vote people. Last week, I attended Splitrock art program with my mom. It was a great week and I learned a lot, I am working on scanning the products from that class, most stuff I cannot scan due to size but I will put up as much as I can. Look for that stuff and details on that class soon. Not to mention other sketches and ideas that came out of that productful week in Duluth.

April Superfan
announced. I need to update more to get caught up with the months, so expect that to be updated soon. A 20 point scorer was also reached this month look foward to the next superfans. Also Profile updated slightly.

Soo Jilly, better than a pile of bones, and a lot more fun to look at than a baby, it is the Billy Art Message Board! It is a NEW message due to Coolboards closing. Get a fresh start in the race for Superfans! See you there boys and girls.



First I need to wish a Happy Birthday wish to: Ford, Kris, and Phil. All having birthday's since last update. Gotta make sure I give them the proper BAO airtime, for thier special day even if it may have been a while ago. Now onto the special 6 picks for this update, all chosen by hand by the mystery masked man himself! Who is this mystery masked man? How did he manage Superfan spot in Feb? Its a big conspiracy. Hopefully this update is to your liking, enjoy it, another update should be coming soon.

Also, Smushbowl is rolling again, look foward to page 4 coming very soon! Not to mention some more large updates, and maybe even some more special updates like this one. I am back to work sketching out Code:801 as well. Expect some more news on that in the future. The sWo Softball season is underway with me in a giant slump, soon to be broken, and work at Sam's Club pushing carts is well under way as well, full time cart guy, bow to me. Look foward to some more exciting project coming your way from the man behind Billy Art Online.

March Superfan
announced. It may have been a few months ago but these fans won after a hard faught battle. The April and May Superfans are coming soon, so those point totals are going to start racing up. Better get on your horse!

Earth shattering, mind blowing, sensational Billy Art Message Board! Spread the news so that you can prove that you have stopped by. It's a great way to get a hold of me, and let all the BAO community who visits this lovely place.

Next Update: Whats a Fedja?


Nineteenth Birthday update! For the second time in my life taxday, Easter, and my birthday are all on the same day. Exicting eh? I figured I should spend a little time putting up an update for all the fans. I have tons more to scan, this is just the beginning of my load. If I could scan all the stuff from drawing class there would be TONS of stuff, but the paper is too big. Check out my softball teams webpage created by Matt Whipps, sWo Softball 2001, you can keep track of my success and stats along with all the other STAR players as we climb the ladder in the softball league. I am still deciding whether or not to do a story center, and how to do it if I do. I am writing stories still, just not posting them anywhere yet. Any ideas, let me know on the message board.

February Superfan
announced. Check out the long time ago winners. Next update will have the March updates. So be ready for those as well, and get to work to become the April superfan! It's still up for grabs.

Thy controversial, interpersonal, and sensational Billy Art Message Board! Let me know who is stopping by checking out the place. Give me some feedback and let me know what is going on outside of BAO.


Welcome to Billy Art Online! Drawing class has gotten me back on the horse and I am updating once again. Which is very good compared to my previous once a month postings. 6 new pictures today, a nice variety of things. We are well over 2000 hits now and counting. I know you are all waiting for the next SmushBowl page, and it is almost ready to go, just need to spend one more day on it and it will be ready for next updeate. I have tons more notebook sketches to scan but they are rather lame, and I doubt anyone wants to look at my lame sketches. Look foward to the February Superfan announcements, it is looking like Phil may have finally taken a #1 spot! Could it be his month? I am also working on about 4 other projects, from writing Circuit Wars to creating images for the top secret Ill Project, and even my newest card game idea. Stay tuned to BAO for another update coming soon!

Everyone's favorite Billy Art Message Board! If you are here reading this right now you GOTTA go post and let me know what you think of this update. Just say hi, and let me know you stopped by to see my work. See you all next update!


You have arrived at Billy Art Online! This update marks the 100th posted picture here at Billy Art Online! Other than that great feat, it may also soon be the marking of our 2000th hit, but really this was just a quick update to display some of my homework from drawing class. Nothing too exciting, but just to let you guys see what I have been working on. SmushBowl page still on its way, should be ready by next update. I have a drawing I did for a friend coming, I have to wait til he gives it to her before I can post it here for security purposes. But it is already scanned, too bad it was too big for the scanner, you'll see next update. I have some more Circuit Wars sketches to scan in for next update too, this time I may give Pat credit where it is due. I am working on a few things for this website to further enhance your Billy Art experience.

The super famous Billy Art Message Board is in so much demand I could almost charge people to use it! I'm lying, but Coolboard did send my a free t-shirt. There is artwork posted on the board from 2 people we all know and love from BAO's Superfan section, Phil and Kris, go check out their artwork, and let them know what you think of it. And if you got any pics or links to your site, please post them. Til' next update, have fun, but save some for me!


Welcome to Billy Art Online! I got a few photoshop images up, mainly just tests. I got a page of notes, and also a few sketches from my Circuit Wars story idea. I've been real busy, and will scan in my homework assignments from drawing later this week, or next week. Also next update look for the next SmushBowl page. Should be a great update here within the next few weeks, so stay tuned and near a computer, you don't wanna miss a thing.

January Superfans Announced! Superfans have become a normal part of BAO. If wanna get in on the action please do. It's fun for all. Write on my board, do anything you can, and you may just catch me saying, "Smile your a BAO Superfan!"

The incredibly Popular Billy Art Message Board is pretty much the biggest message EVER! Okay, so almost everyone on the board knows me personally, except for a few, like Slick Rick. And we all wanna be like Slick, he IS a 2 time BAO #1 Superfan. So go on that board and write about my art! Or write about anything, just say hi, talk about yourself! ANYTHING!


Welcome to 2001! Got a few older drawings along with my newer stuff as well. I have begun drawing class and learning some good stuff. I havn't done anything too exciting yet. And everything is drawn on supersized paper, making it very hard to scan in for your viewing pleasure. I have also added a picture of myself hidden somewhere on my site, happy hunting. Look for the next SmushBowl page coming soon, along with the possible edition of a BAO story center.

December Superfans Announced! Another month has passed by. Who is the BAO 2000 leading point getter? Who has the most #1 Superfan awards for 2000? This concludes the year 2000's Superfans here. Now all we can do is look foward to the BAO Superfans for 2001. BAO is always looking for more fans and more publicity. The superfans are what makes BAO what it is today.

The incredibly Popular Billy Art Message Board is getting more and more popular every day. If you know me and want to say hi, if you want to yell at me for not drawing enough, or just want to give a shout out about your own site, please feel free. That is what it is for.


Happy Holiday's from BAO A nice update here for BAO. I got news for everyone. First a shout out to Scotty, who messed up my ribs in a 2AM Snow Football game in Alissa's backyard! Luckily I feel great now. Kris has almost convinced me to add a story link where I post parts of stories I write and ad to it every once in a while. I'm still not sure if I should yet. We will see. 4 new pics added! Plus a new page of Smushbowl 200 added. Click the smushbowl link or the thumbnail to check it out.

November Superfans Announced! The shocking annoucement has been made! Who is the new Superfan of November? The tension was killing us all, but I have finally made my decision, and lets say this was harder than picking who was going to be leading in the 47th lap at the Indy 500. But I made a decision! Now, theres still a week left in the month of December, if you want to be December's superfan, go nuts, you still have time!

The SUPER Popular Billy Art Message Board is everyone favorites message board. You got anything to say about my art, about Smushbowl 2000, about life in Minnesota, let me know, I check it often!


BAO's ALLTIME BIGGEST UPDATE!!! Only one update for all of last month. But a HUGE one today with ten new pics! And I should be ready to do another update next weekend, or when I get time. To fill you in I have only had time to sketch during classes or a few in m sketchbook, BUT I have a drawing class next semister which means I will have tons of drawings here during that semister, hopefully they will be good ones. Anyone that has not heard, Greg my roommate got hit with a 2X4, for more details ask about it on the message board.

October Superfans Announced! Does Billy Art Online have a new BAO Superfan of the month? The top 3 helpful and most desserving Superfans for the month of October have been decided. I know it is late, but next update, which should be sometime this week or next weekend, will announce the November Superfan of the month, Amanda, Brian, Greg, Phil, Pat, Kris, Slick Rick, Graham, Nate, who could November's #1 Superfan be?!?!?! It's too close to call! Grrrrrrrr! Make me pick you! We will all find out next WEEK!

The SUPER Popular Billy Art Message Board is the place to be. Everyone goes there and writes stuff except you. If you have any questions about my artwork, about nascar, about the money I owe Pat, or even about the next 2 superfans....GO POST IT NOW! I check it often!


Huge Update Today!!! Finally got some more stuff up. Decided to do a bunch at once. So here you go. Pace yourself you BAO fans. It may be the last for a while. I havea ton more to scan and add, but school is rather hard, and I'm leaving for Kansas tomarrow for a Cross Country race. 11 hours of bus riding fun! Maybe I'll get some more drawing done. Actually I should study all 11 hours there, and all 11 hours back. BLAH! But I should!

Billy Art Message Board may not be the greatest place in the world, but it's a close second. Anyways, please let me know you stopped by and actually looked at my artwork. Many people claim they looked, so sign the board and PROVE you were here. It will then be forever remember by myself, unless I forget.


Pat and Sleazy B's Special BAO Update!!! Geez, finally an update. I know you were all waiting around for it. This is a special update to celebrate a DOUBLE Birthday! So happy birthday to P and B, my hometown crew. Even if it is a little late. We all know how much Pat loves my sketches of random stuff, so just for Pat, 3 of these ones are from my notebook in Dynamic Earth, it's just so hard to pay attention in that class, and these are the result of trying to pay attention but ending up NOT paying attention. I drew a TON this weekend, I mean enough for 2 or 3 more updates, but I gotta start scanning. I drew something for Amanda, I'll be scanning that, plus some new "CODE:801" stuff. And even a picture of 3 girls from the Cross Country team here in Winona. I'm glad to be on it. Fun stuff. Just ran in South Dakota Saturday, gotta love those 7 hour bus rides after running 5 miles. So check back soon for new updates. has been added to the list of links. Check this page out as soon as possible. It is funny and nuts. I actually know one of these guys, he runs cross coutnry with me, quick shout out to Josh and his crazy team of Stupids! This page cracks me up. Be sure to check it out!

Crazy things happen on the Billy Art Message Board. Not only do people yell at each other, but neat things take place here. I am still gearing up to work on Phil's picture he posted here. Give me time.... and it will be done! So go read and write and I'll reply. Later guys! Have fun!


Another update today! Quick hello to Amanda. 3 new pics. Well not all NEW. One is just a pic from before only inked and by far not my favorite work. Another is just a page of sketches that I did, that I simply drew boxes around in photoshop. And the other is a simple basic page of character designs for my story I am writing. I am still working hard at college trying to do all my work, but I try to keep my page updated often. I joined that artist banner exchange at the bottom, some awesome sites if you are into looking at art, or learning from art tutorals. I found the coolest page about Manga Art, but forgot to bookmark and have not stumbled upon it again. Yet.

I check up on the Billy Art Message Board at least every other day, to make sure everyone has a reply. So if you wanna yell at me, or make fun of me, go ahead, and I'll reply jusy like the hard worker that I am. I'm doing it all for the BAO Fans and Superfans!


Two more pics today. One was something I did last night and finished tonight. It took me hella time. Resulting in the conformation of me buying a Wacom soon. Yup, you heard it here first folks. Plus, I may be buying some grey scale markers. If anyone knows of a good place to purchase them, or a good brand to purchase please let me know. I have more stuff to scan and show you, only had time for these two today, and I still gotta post that mech thing I did in Photoshop soon. Ohh, and I inked that creatures of the mind pic, I just gotta scan that as well. So hopefully next time I have free time, there will be yet another fantastic update here on Billy Art Online.

BAO SuperFans Section updated! Does Billy Art Online have a new BAO Superfan of the month? Top three fans that write the most on the BAO board, talk the most and give me comments decide who are the BAO SuperFans each month. September is over, so go find out who is this months SuperFan!

Sometimes going to the Billy Art Message Board makes me day worthwhile. But only when you guys write stuff on it. So here is an update, now you guys, go and write stuff please. I update, then you talk about it, DEAL?


Two pics today. One is simply a colored pic of an older drawing I have done. And another is the pencil sketch to what will soon be a inked and colored peice. I also have been spending a little time on this mech type guy. A few people have seen it. It is being colored in photoshop. I have done a lot of weird things to it. I'm not sure how much I like it. Hopefully I'll be posting it next update. I wanna post the color and the non color versions for comparison and contrast!

Billy Art Message Board keeps the world a peaceful place. It's like the ball pit at your nearest kids time out. Just a fun place to come and sit. Write anything you, advertise your own art page, talk about my current works, or my upcoming projects, anything you want.


I would like to say goodbye to my grandpa Doc, who passed away two nights ago. I wish him luck where ever he may be now. I bought a few of my favorite mechanical pencils, so I tried them out. Nothing colored for this update, but that is alright. I do still have the mech thing I am working on in photoshop and feel I could post it, but I would rather work on it some more before posting it. But that has been colored in photoshop. I plan to do some neat things soon hopefully. I have a few painting ideas that would be great to try, too bad I don't have a drawing or a painting class this semester.

Billy Art Message Board is the best place to talk to me, and get my attention, post an ad for your website. Put up your own pictures, anything you want. It's just a great place to come and talk.

As advertised BAO SuperFans Section updated! Each month Billy Art Online announces three superfans and post them in this section. With my being gone at college seems like the race for this Superfan section has been slowing down a bit. But hopefully it will start up again, now that I am updating again. Go see Augusts Superfans!


A week into college life here at Winona State University, and finally I have my scanner in working order and a nice fresh update for all the BAO fans. I got mostly sketch type quality stuff to show today. All this stuff has been done in the last two weeks. So it is my most recent work. You'll be seeing more updates in the near future now that I got this baby up and running.

Billy Art Message Board is here for all you to leave a little feedback, give me projects or suggestions or to say whatever you wish. Make sure you post every time you come so I know people are still looking at the page, and I can update more often. Also a post on the board gets you that much closer to a spot on the SuperFans section, which I will be updating next update.

I've pretty much made the switch now. I'm not sure if it's possible for you guys to even get to my old page anymore. I uploaded all my images to which took forever. Now, I just have to create tbns pages and move the anglefire html over here and change the links! ARGH! That will take a while too. All the links work now. Plus a few new things in a few new areas. The message board works again and I posted on it if anyone wants to check it out go HERE.

If you are here, you probably came from my angelfire, Billy Art Online page. This is what the new layout would look like. It's pretty much complete, with the exception of the fact that I need to put up the "link" link and the "CODE: 801" link! Otherthan then that the links are all connected, and will be periodically changing over tbns pages as I slowly make the merge over! Credit Kris E. for the big help on getting this page layout to work correctly.


Nice big update today! Happy Birthday to Cory! He already has a cool car so he doesn't need anything from me. I got some big update today, why you ask? Because this may be my last update for a few weeks. I'm off to College next Monday, I got a lot of packing to do, along with buying stuff and cleaning my room for the last time in a while. My awesome is gonna be left vacant. I'm not even sure if I'll bring my scanner to college right away. I probably won't have much time to do that stuff, while i'm getting settled in. So enjoy this update cuz it may be the last one in at least two weeks. You know I'll have something ready for you soon after that though. It all depends on the amount of time I have at College. By the way in the near future I wanna put pictures of some of my sculptures up, along with my paitings. Wish me luck on getting that done, as it involves a little more work than scanning.

Billy Art Message Board is a great place to vent anger, to talk about your favorite movies and eat your favorite cheese. Or you can talk about my art work upcoming project or whatever you want. You can also bid me a happy fairwell as I venture into college life here. I'll take any feedback or anything you have to say. I respond to almost every message, as long as there is reason to respond. So ask questions. it will give me something to do. Thanks!


Pumping out more and more art each day. Scanned three more pics for you all to see. One is a birthday present, the middle one is a page of sketches I did at a friends house and the last one is something I drew a year ago. Hopefully you'll enjoy them. I'm having a great time drawing this summer too bad it's almost over. This has been one of the most productive summers I've ever had. I'm really giving my scanner a good work out along with my drawing hand. I'm working on my comic book webpage, you should see that popping up here shortly. Plus, check out Pat Reeses page, by clicking on Artist Profile and clicking his name, he has his own page with some fun stuff to look at.

All new BAO SuperFans Section added! Each month Billy Art Online will announce three superfans and post them in that section. You'll win free stuff when you earn enough points and fun stuff like that. No set number of points have been decided on yet, but if you start getting double digits we can figure something out. So work hard and try to become a BAO SuperFAN!!!

The infamous Billy Art Message Board is here! And if you want good luck and a long life you better write in it and leave feedback. Actually it won't give you good luck or a longer life, or will it? It can't hurt to try right? So take my advice and write on it, and we'll become good friends and drink tea together sometime. Hey it could happen!


Happy Birthday Lori! Yep it's my mom's birthday today. So, I'm wishing her an ONLINE BIRTHDAY! So everyone go to her site. She would love the hits. See the Artist Profile for the link to her page. Todays update involves 3 not so great pictures I drew last night, and one pic I drew long long ago. It's just the concept I like. Hopefully you'll check out everything.

If you'd lose to me in bowling, which most people would, then you have to write on the Billy Art Message Board and leave any and all feedback possible. Make sure you do or else you'll have to meet me at the local Park Tavern and I'll beat you in bowling just so you HAVE to write on this board.


Another update. Three more pics. Two for my comic stuff, and the other just a colored sketch. Check em' out. I've been busy working on writing my comic book dialouge and pages and stuff, sorta just laying things out. I also have to figure out thier origin and pasts and everything before. So it may be a while still. Plus, today I started working on Page #3 of SmushBowl 2000 hopefully it will be done right quick so you can see another 3 possible victims for the Smushee Mark H. He's got a mean streak in him.

SMUSH BOWL INFO CENTER has been added. Now you can get some new tidbits about SmushBowl 2000 and in a little more orginized fashion. Should make it easier for people to catch up on what exactly SmushBowl is and the phenomenon behind the craze of it. So check it out.

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I've been gone away at Tennis Camp with my brother the last few days. Met Julie and Jenna, awesome girls. Played a ton of tennis and did some drawings as well. Most of the stuff isn't worthy of being scanned. I still scanned some of it just for the hell of it. Do make sure to check out the worm guy, he's a killer. Also I'm working on the idea for SmushBowl page 3. It may be a while, but at least I'm working on it. I plan on doing some more work here soon on some random drawings hopefully they'll be worthy to scan. Til' then.

Please enter the Billy Art Message Board and leave any feedback possible. I do not know who has been here if you don't leave feedback. If you leave feedback everytime you came I would love it, but I know that won't happen. So just go write about something when you can! Thanks!


Welcome to yet another update to Billy Art Online. For the people. HA! Whatever that means. I actually did some drawing today, or last night, or whatever. As I announced on the Message Board I am working on a comic book idea, and most of these drawings are sketches of ideas or people that will be in my comic book. I am currently working on a new layout design either for my comic or for a new look for Billy Art Online. It's fabulous but it's a step in the right direction. Make sure you check out all the updates. They are my most recent stuff everything except that Dark Lurcher guy is less than two days old. So you can see how my current art talent is at right now. I know it's sad. Well hopefully I can get to the art store soon, I'm running low on supplies.

ENTER BOARD now! There is talks about 1999 Smush Bowl Champion Mushy McGee, will he repeat as champion? Patrick Reese say's he has his vote so far, check out the message board to hear why. Plus, leave feedback about my art, my comic book, anything and I'll answer it. Hell, you can ask me anything you want and I'll answer it on the message board! Or just say something and leave your name so I know you came.


Happy Birthday to John! Now, if you hadn't noticed I put up the Billy Art Online logo, which is almost exactly the same as it was before except nows it's an image. Amazing. And thanks to Alan Tew I rearranged my links on the left. I also put up page 2 of Smush Bowl 2000, click on the picture or the link to see it. Pat, and Kris are trying to get me to scan stuff for art class this year, but they talk about "GOOD" stuff I did, which I either cannot find, or do not consider "GOOD". Kris made a new page, "Nine Point Five" see it, it's great! And make sure you look at my great Bruce Lee and Spike guy along with my Castle thing. Nothing too great but at least I did something. *BOWS* Oh, and a shout out to Aki as it is also his birthday!

Oh, and a new newsbreaking report is in, not going to Billy Art Online Message Board will result in death and possibly humiliation. Actually I just really want you all to write in it so it LOOKS like I have friends. Ohh and you can tell me what you think of the place. I don't care if you have nothing to write, or already wrote, or are gonna write tomarrow, or if your hot sister already did, just go write in it again, or for the first time. Thanks


Smush Bowl Page 1 has been added. The start of the Second Annual Smush Bowl has begun. Hopefully soon the second page will be up, and the start of introducing the actual Smush Bowl competitors. So page 2 should be on its way really soon.
Also, if you notice Man-E-Faces now in the left column, he is the holder of the thumbnail gallery, so click on him for thumbnails of each picture I've added. So it's just an easy way to look at all my images.
The Message Board is a key asset to Billy Art Online and if anyone wants to give me any feedback or tell me anything about my page I will be very happy to see it on my message board.


Thanks to Kris, Phil, and Fedja I got my scanner working better. I guess work is good for something other than making money. I scanned these baddies and got em' up and ready for you to view. Three of these are the most recent things I've done. The helmet and the fat guy, along with the beware. The other ones, one is from school last year in 1999. And one is from 1997. So we got a good range of stuff here. I am working on the Smush Bowl idea, and thinking of a layout idea. So be ready.

And of course, please go to the Message Board and tell me what you think of the place. I LOVE feedback. Just leave any comments about anything. I would love to hear from any of you. I really want to hear from you people that are viewing this place. I don't what you say I just wanna hear from ya.


Another fairly nice sized update. Which is the last of the computer graphic stuff from school. Which means now I gotta get off my lazy ass and actually scan in my next few things and then upload then. Which means it will probably be less updates, or at least less amount of pictures for each update. I do plan on doing some neat things, maybe a few galleries and things along those lines. I also did a thing called SMUSH BOWL, where you vote on which creature you would most like to smush, and which ever gets the most votes is the Smush Bowl CHAMP! I did it for 1999, and I may do the 2000 compitition online right here at Billy Art Online. It should be good.

Please go to the Message Board and tell me what you think of the place. Just leave any comments about anything. I would love to hear from any of you.


Well, check out today's upload! Click here to see Fedja's work, who took one of my pics and did some unique things with photoshop. Then I got a variety of other crazy images. Please check out any or all of them you want. Explinations for all of them are in the links so make sure to check em' out! I am finally getting some stuff on here. I plan to start an Online Comic also. I may put up some of my older started comic books. I have some things I've started and projects and other things that actually have more meaning than anything I've posted so far. And I wanna post my spoof comic called "Adventures of Some Kids" here soon. It is a true story. I still wanna find a place to digitally scan my paintings too. And if anyone asked I would put some of my poetry here. I've also been experiementing with Flash, trying to make movies and things. If I ever get anything finished and decent you'll find it here first! Until next update! Have fun!

Ohh, and wether I know you or not, go write something on my NEW Message Board from who actually sent me a t-shirt for using there message board for my other page. So, if you come to Minnesota and see some kid with a shirt it may be me.

7/8/00-Added a Adam Hafermann link. Plus, i have moved Cory Crosby up on the list due to his threats. I think I may put up some more pics very soon. I have a lot of em' I am not wasting my time putting my "Billy Art" logo on any more, cuz that is a simple waste of time!

7/6/00- Geez, two in a row. I have actually put up some of my stuff again, so take a look.

7/5/00-"> I guess my post yesterday helped me. Cuz I actually did some things today. Go check it out.

7/4/00- Ohh how lazy I be. I not only havn't done any GOOD work on this page. I never scanned in my paintings. I havn't done any quality art since school ended. And now I'm only updating this cuz I feel bad that I have dissapointed so many. I am however currently making a movie, a spoof if you will, of another movie. And I promise sometime I will update my page. Ohh, and I amking that movie with John Ennenga and Adam Haferman, and you should all go see a GOOD Art page, go to Adam's Page, which I have currently forgot his website. Until next update, pray for me not to be lazy!

6/1/00- Current news right now is that I am digitally scanning all my paintings, I think 4 of them and some of my other oversized work at school. Then hopefully can get it all uploaded onto this page. So hopefully I can get you all a good amount of stuff on here REALLY soon!

5/28/00- Look for images and scanned art from the one known as Billy.

Til' then!