The Constellations and The 144,000:

by Antonio M McCoy

A majority of a persons human behavior, personality, talent/s, and negative traits are determined by the Stars. A persons "Zodiac Sign" is bases on the position of certain Stars (and other heavenly bodies) during their birth. This is "Astrology". Your Zodiac Sign is the "constellation" that the Sun was in front of when you were born.

The signs themselves are actually Constellations of Stars that form a ring around the Earth. If a person was born during a particular star period, or while a particular Constellation of Stars were closest to the Earth, this person will be effected by certain gravitational forces from those stars. Such an effect/s would be a science of the Stars. This is "Astronomy". !Astronomy and Astrology are the same thing.

According to Astrology and the Zodiac Signs:

       Aries- is headstrong, assertive, enterprising, and adventurous, they love their
                   freedom. Aries is determined, They have great physical energy and
                   are very competitive. They are good mates, great leaders, and good
                   politicians. They like to supervise and organize more than actually
                   working. Many of them are also friendly, kind. and generous.
      Taurus- is characterized as reliable, patient, steady, and trustworthy. They are
                      practical and persevering. Taurean's are regular in habits, sometimes
                      very stubborn. They love wealth and materialistic things. Some
                      Taurean's are quick and clever, highly amusing and hard working.
                      Some are very arrogant. Others hate to be rushed or hassled,
                      preferring to work quietly and thoroughly at their own pace.
      Gemini- is intellectual, outgoing, spontaneous, and lively. They have a low
                      boredom threshold, require plenty of variety in their lives and require
                      communication. Many Gemini's are highly ambitious, Gemini's also
                      require relationships.
      Cancer- are very sensitive, and cherish family. Cancerian's look for security, and
                      are also adventurous. They are hard to influence, and have excellent
                      memories. They love traveling, and their charm and intelligence usually
                      keeps them out of trouble.
      Leo- generous, dramatic, enthusiastic, and cheerful. Leo's have high standards,
                They enjoy being seen as a person of substance and status, and prefer to be
                in a position to help others. Leo's pride would not allow them to live or work
                in a situation that they consider as beneath them. They won't stand for
                being treated with contempt or ridiculed and they are rarely offensive or
                hurtful. Leo's are generous and kind and will do anything to help others.
      Virgo- a perfectionist, discriminating and elegant. Virgo's are highly intelligent
                   and take interest in just about everything. Many acquire a specialized
                   knowledge and are good with their hands. Many are nit picky, and can
                   adjust to most situations. They are excellent communicators and good
                   conversationalists, but are very critical of others.
      Libra- represent balance, harmony, fairness, and equality. Liberians have a
                  deceptive appearance, and many are quite selfish. They are able to take
                  responsibility and make their own decisions. They have a strong sense of
                  justice and fair play.
      Scorpio- intense, passionate, emotional, jealous, and secretive. They are also
                      reliable, resourceful and enduring. Many of them can be very unfair
                      according to their sense of justice. They have great resilience and enjoy
                      being in power, many of them like to manipulate.
      Sagittarius- interested in most things and most peoples, broad-minded and
                             lacking in prejudice. Many of them cannot resist speaking what they
                             see as the truth. They are not controlled by money and material
                             things. Their values are spiritual rather than material. They are
                             attracted to church, philosophy, astrology and other new age
      Capricorn- represents discipline, ambition, and rationality. Capricorn's are
                           patient, realistic, and responsible, they take life seriously. They need
                           security and will not shun family responsibilities. They know how to
                           get their own way and they won't be bullied. Capricorn's are hard
                           working, patient, and status conscious. Some of them have a
                           tendency as know-it-all's rather than to listen.
      Aquarius- progressive, humanitarian, and idealistic. They are clever, friendly,
                         kind and humane. Being patient with people, make them
                         good teachers, and they are always willing to learn something new.
                         They usually feel very unsettled and uneasy if made to conform.
      Pisces- is the sign of sensitivity and receptivity. Has many sides and so many
                    moods. They are kind, thoughtful, and caring. Many of them run from
                    pressure, Some find life hard and are often unhappy; many of them have
                    to make tremendous sacrifices on behalf of others. Others can be
                    stubborn, awkward, and selfish.

Many people do not realize that a person cannot fit into only one Zodiac Sign, they will inherit the human behavior, personality, talent/s, and negative traits from the sign of their birth month as well as from other signs. This is achieved through inheritance from your parents, your grand parents, or another ancestors D.N.A. If one of your parents was an Aquarius, the other was a Pisces, and you are an Aries, you will have strong Arien traits followed by Aquarian/Pisces, or Pisces/Aquarian.

Other people believe that Astrology and the Zodiac Signs are pagan nonsense, because they are (and have been) misused by false psychics, abused by false and greedy fortune tellers, and corruption by demonic forces. These negative forces have corrupted the meanings of the Zodiac Signs, enslaved people with superstitious horoscope addictions, and caused Christians to ignore the truth that is written in the Stars (and Constellations).

Most Christian peoples curse the entire practice of the Zodiac and Astrology and label it as; "Black Magic" or "Devil Worship", it is not. The Bible is clear about God's condemnation of the practice of Astrology, but this means that a Christian should not practice it. There is a big difference between practicing it versus understanding it.

As a Christian one should not place any such practice above their Bible worship, but many Christians think this as an exclusion of other knowledge, knowledge such as "Science". There is a big difference between the Devils Satanic practice of the Zodiac versus the wisdom that is within Science, the Stars, and the Constellations. This is the kind of wisdom  every Christian should be aware of.

The Zodiac was never intended to be monitored and/or worshiped to control the destiny of mankind, thus to control their lives. This is how the Devil wants man to believe the Zodiac, so that he can control the lives of men, he uses his wicked "Tarot Cards" and other wicked practices of satanic ritual to control the destiny of man.
The Stars may have caused many of traits, but they do not control our behavior.

The Devil himself have deceived Christians into believing that the study of the Stars
is an evil or pagan practice, because he does not want them to know the truth that is written in the Stars. Despite the negative publicity of Astrology and the Twelve Zodiac Signs, Science and Astronomy proves them to be true and real forces of our human behavior, personalities, talents, and negative traits.

There are twelve Zodiac Signs that align with twelve particular "Star Systems", these Stars Systems have influenced our human behavior, personalities, talents, and negative traits long before the Zodiac Signs were established. But they do not control and/or influence our ability to make choices based on our own common sense and instinct. !We have choices.

The fact that God has made us so different in thought, as well as personality is no accident, if we all thought the same it would be very easy for the Devil to control us all. Different individuals or persons being born under different influences, Zodiac Signs, or positions assures that we will be different from one another. It is not our different in appearance, personalities, and traits, that identify us (according to God), it is our difference in our thoughts and actions.

If God wanted to create mindless robots he would have created us as such, but he wanted us to be able to; think for ourselves, to have a conscious, to have different ideas, personalities, traits, likes, dis-likes, talents, appearances, and thoughts. This is the true reason for the Zodiac and the influence of the Stars upon us.

It is no coincidence that there are twelve Star Systems, to match twelve Zodiac Signs, which also match twelve months in an Earth year. The twelve months in a year is the required time for our Earth to orbit around the Sun. The actual orbit takes about 365.2422454 days, which equates to about twelve 30.436853 day months, or at least they should be.

When the Earth orbits the sun it travels through different areas of gravitational force during those particular month periods. The gravity in these areas are determined by; our Sun's activities, the activity of other Planets within our Solar System, as well as activity from objects outside of our Solar System. This is the reason why we (accompanied with traits from our parents and other ancestors) have trait differences.

Despite the twelve or more differences we have, we all are united by one God, and he has a plan to reunite us all in the end. We are from his Sphere of Influence and we cannot escape it even if we wanted to. His Sphere of Influence is all of time, space, and existence through out ever Solar System, every Galaxy, and every Universe there has ever been. Twelve is only a division (such as us) of a complete Sphere, and a Sphere is a perfect measurement, such as God. These are significant number as indicated in the Bible.

The significance of the number twelve is very evident throughout history, from the twelve months within our year, to the twelve hours on our clocks, to the twelve Strands of D.N.A. within our bodies, to the Twelve Tribes of Israel, to the Twelve Gates of the New Jerusalem. The Twelve Tribes of Israel (sons of Jacob) were assigned specific places by Jacob in the Bible (Genesis 49.1-28). These places have an Astronomical comparable, which are the Constellation/Zodiac Signs positions:

                              Aries- Joseph----------the eleventh son of Jacob
                        Taurus- Benjamin----- "    twelfth
                        Gemini- Reuben-------the first son of Jacob
                        Cancer- Simeon--------  "  second
                        Leo- Levi-----------------  "  third
                        Virgo- Judah------------  "  fourth
                        Libra- Zebulun----------  "  fifth
                        Scorpio- Issachar-------  "  sixth
                        Sagittarius- Dan--------  "  seventh
                        Capricorn- Gad----------  "  eight
                        Aquarius- Asher---------  "  ninth
                        Pisces- Naphtali---------  "  tenth

The order of the sons starts with Joseph first because he was the most important and the most famous son, who was chosen by God. This order is also the exact order of the Constellations. Further more the Zodiac period of "Aries" and "Joseph" is also the period in which the "Hebrew Sacred Year" begins. The beginning of the Hebrew Sacred Year is the basis for our modified and modernized calendars today, which are synchronized with the Constellations because the Ancient Hebrew  Calendar was also.

Also note that the period of "Virgo" is the son "Judah", he is the ancestor of the
"Lord Jesus Christ" the man, and Jesus is the "Lion of Judah". Jesus is a son from the Tribe of Judah, because his mother Mary was also from the Tribe of Judah. When Mary conceived Jesus, the Earth was in the Virgo period. The conception of Jesus became the first position of the Zodiac, and this is the start of his prophetic period.

The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is related in Luke 1. 26-38. Within his scriptures he tells us that in the sixth month after the conception of St. John the Baptist by Elizabeth, the angel Gabriel was sent from God to the Virgin Mary, at Nazareth. The sixth month after the conception of John was March, and March 25th was the day that Mary was informed of the birth of Jesus the man. Nine months from that date was December 25th, the birth of Jesus the man.

The date of March 25th symbolizes the birth of God's Prophets, Servants, and Leaders, and Jesus the man was such a person. Such people are God's chosen peoples, they are/were chosen to relay God's message/s. Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob was born on this date, and I, Antonio M Mccoy was also. I am only telling you that I speak the words of God, which were given by him and are governed by Jesus. If it is difficult for you to live with that, then leave this Web Site because this message is not for everyone.

The Devil knows of this date also, he apposes God's Prophets, Servants, and Messengers with deeds of evil, corruption, and conquest. On this day in history the rise of Evil kingdoms and leaders has been recorder. One such rise was the rise of the Roman Empire, another is the rise of the European Union, which is the new Roman Empire. The Devil apposes everything good, with things of evil, because Jesus is good and the Devil is evil.

Since Jesus' conception the Earth has moved about 30 degrees, or one full Zodiac Sign further, this movement caused Leo, the last sign in the zodiac to take Virgo's old position (after the Zodiac has traveled its full cycle). Jesus' conception began in the period of Virgo and his second coming will be in the period of Leo, this is also why he is called the Lion of Judah.

This very prophecy is also recorded in the construction of the  "Sphinx" that stands before the "Great Pyramid" in Egypt. The Sphinx was calculated and constructed by extraterrestrial peoples who were aware of Jesus' return. The Body of the Sphinx Lion represents the Lion of Judah, who will return to Earth and claim the rest of his peoples. So now you know what month/s Jesus will return to Earth.

The "birth of Jesus" is evidence of Extraterrestrial influence also. Mary, the mother of Jesus, bore a child without sexual intercourse, this was an obvious "Artificial Insemination". What mortal man of the Earth, in those days had the technology to perform this task? This task was performed by Extraterrestrials, at the command of God.

          Matthew 1.8,20
                                  She found out that she was going to have a baby by the Holy
                                             Spirit for it is by the holy spirit that she has conceived.
          Luke 1.35
                        The holy spirit will come on you, and God's power will rest upon you,
                                           for this reason the holy child will be called the son of God.

The Twelve Tribes of Israel symbolize, and are also the ancestors of ; "Ancient Extraterrestrial Peoples" from the Constellations of our Zodiac. They are some of the ancestors of the people who constructed the Earth's Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. These peoples  came to Earth thousands of years ago, their numbers were a chosen, 12,000 from each particular Solar System, Star System, or Galaxy. They came from:

         Aries- Gamma Arietis or Lambda Arietis or Epsilon Arietis or 30 Ari or 33 Ari
                      or Gamma2 Arietis or SX Arietis (56 Ari) or the NGC 772 Galaxy.
         Taurus- Aldebaran (alpha Tauri) or Zeta Tauri or The Hyades or  Theta2 or
                         Theta1 or Kappa1 or Sigma2 or sigma1 or 80 Tauri or Struve 422 or
                         Alpha Taurus or BU Tauri (Pleione) or Lambda Tauri or R Tauri or
                         the M1 or the Pleiades or the Hyades or Hind's Variable Nebula or
         Gemini- Castor (alpha Geminorum) or Pollux or Epsilon Geminorum or
                         Zeta Geminorum or Eta Geminorum or Alpha Geminorum or
                         Castor B or Castor C or Delta Geminorum or R Geminorum or M35
                         or (NGC 2392).
        Cancer- Beta Cancri or Zeta Cancri or Phi Cancri or Lota Cancri or
                        Struve 1254 or Kappa Cancri or Alpha-Canum Venaticorum or
                        R Cancri or M44 or  M67.
           Leo- Beta Leonis (Denebola) or Gamma Leonis or Zeta Leonis or
                     Epsilon Leonis or Mu Leonis or Delta Leonis or Lambda Leonis or
                     Alpha Leonis (Regulus) or Gamma Leonis or Lota Leonis or
                     R Leonis or M65 or M66 or M95 or M96 or M105 or NGC 3384 or
                     NGC 3389 or NGC 2903.
           Virgo- Alpha Virginis or Gamma Virginis or Theta Virginis or Phi Virginis
                        or Struve 1719 or Struve 1833 or Struve 1869 or R Virginis or
                        NGC 5364 or NGC 4567 and 4568 or M49 or M58 or M59 or
                        M60 or M61 or M84 or M86 or M87 or M89 or M90 or M104 or
                        The Sombrero Galaxy.
          Libra- Alpha2 or Beta or Alpha Librae or Beta Librae or the Northern Claw
                         or Alpha 2 Librae or Alpha1 Librae or Lota Librae or Lota1B or
                         Struve 1962 or Delta Librae or 48 Librae (FX Librae) or NGC 5897.
     Scorpio- Alpha Scorpii or M4 or M80 or Beta Scorpii or Nu Scorpii
                        or Xi Scorpii or Sigma Scorpii or Struve 1999 or RR Scorpii or M6
                        or M7 (NGC 6475) or M80 (NGC 6093) or NGC 6231 or H12.
     Sagittarius- Alpha Sgr or Nu1 Sagittarii or 54 Sgr or Rho1 and Rho2 or
                             Upsilon Sgr or R Sagittarii or Pi Sagittarii or M8 (NGC 6523) or
                             NGC 6530 or M17 (NGC 6618) or M18 (NGC 6613) or
                             M20 (NGC 6514) or M 21(NGC 6531) or M22 (NGC 6656) or
                             M23 (NGC 6494) or M24 or M25 or M28 (NGC 6626) or
                             M54 (NGC 6715) or M55 (NGC 6809) or M69 (NGC 6637) or
                             M70 (NGC 6637) or M75 (NGC 6637)  or NGC 6822.
      Capricorn- Al Giedi or Beta Capricorni or Delta Capricorni or Alpha2 and
                             Alpha1Cap or Beta Capricorni or Tau Capricorni or
                             M30 (NGC 7099).
     Aquarius- Alpha Aquarii(Sadalmelik) or Beta Aquarii (Sadalsuud) or
                          Gamma Aquarii or Zeta2 Aquarii or Zeta1 Aquarii or Struve 2944
                          or Struve 2988 or R Aquarii or M2 (NGC 7089) or M72 (NGC 6981)
                          or M73 (NGC 6994) or NGC 7009 or NGC 7293 or FOMALHAUT.
     Pisces- Alpha Piscium or Zeta Piscium (Struve 100) or Eta Piscium or
                     Psi1 Piscium (Struve 88) or Struve 61(65 Piscium) or Kappa Psc or
                     TX Psc (19 Psc) or M74(NGC 628).

Their evolutionary line and spirits has been placed into the brothers (the twelve sons of Jacob), who are the ancestors of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Today the descendants and the spirits of the Twelve Tribes of Israel are scattered around the Earth, these peoples are the chosen 144,000.

Today those twelve tribes (scattered around the world) are the teachers of the Earth, they will be, and have been teaching the wisdom of God. They have been groomed and educated by Extraterrestrial Forces from the Twelve Star Systems, and many of those Extraterrestrials will actually be part of the 144,000. The education of the 144,000 consist of; travels to other Star Systems, the beaming of information from Extraterrestrial Crafts, and the spiritual input of information from "Angelistic Forces".

Soon it will be time for their rise from Earth and the return to their Star Systems, once their work on Earth is done. Their rise will be the "First Rapture", and they shall enter into the New Jerusalem after that. The Angelistic Forces are the guardians of the Gates to the "New Jerusalem", and the gates are Portals to those twelve Star Systems. Those who listen to the wisdom of the Twelve Tribes (the 144,000) shall enter into the New Jerusalem, later, those who do not will not enter at all.

The Twelve Gates to the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21.1-27) describes how an Angel carried a servant of the Lord to see the New Jerusalem, that passage is a description of an Extraterrestrial Force or Alien caring a messenger, prophet, servant of the Lord, member of the 144,000 to a new place in the heavens. This new place is a different region or dimension in outer space.

The 144,000 are a very important group of translators who were chosen at birth, this is why there are 12,000 of them for each of the twelve Star Systems. 12,000 times 12 equals 144,000. They are important cosmic teachers who are spreading their (God's) message through sources of spiritual channeling, telecommunications, and computer systems.

God has made the 144,000 the standard to be judged by, this is why he has filled these peoples with his words of wisdom and knowledge. They are the teachers of a higher conscious, a conscious that cannot be achieved by mere man alone, because man cannot possess such wisdom without the power of God.

There are those who claim to be teachers ordained by God, they claim the ability to perform great miracles, do not be fooled buy them because they are only thieves and liars. They are from the Worlds Established Churches and Governments. They are the same peoples who condemned the Lord Jesus, they ushered-in their wicked "Church Age" upon the eve of his death on the cross. You are living in that wicked time now.

They steal information from the truly enlightened ones, they then lie about it's origin/s. They command the authority to over-power, deceive-from, and to steal wisdom from the truly enlightened ones, to make people believe that they are the enlightened ones. They live a lie because they are a lie. Only the truth comes from the mouths of the 144,000, never a lie, for they are the truth.

The meaning of the 144,000 does not stop here, the number 144,000 is a part of a  mathematical equation for Harmonics and Frequencies. It is a calculation of minutes
of arc per grid seconds (that was calculated by Bruce Cathy, to view his work/s go to: that is required to convert mass into light.

The number is also included in Logarithmic Fibonacci Sequence/s, which ancients named the "Golden Ratio of Life". The value of each number or spacing in the sequence is the sum of the two numbers proceeding it as in: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 (the 144 equates to 144,000, this is no coincidence). This same ratio of growth progression/regression is seen on Guitar Frets, Slide Rule Gradations, Ram's Horns, Snail Shells, Hurricane Clouds, Spiral Galaxies, etc... Basically throughout life's Frequencies.

Humans exist in the forms of dense Matter, this state exist because of Frequencies and special Harmonics of the light equation. There are certain equations and processes that can convert Light into Mass. Our original form is light, it is where we are from, it is the reality, and we are living in the deception of that reality. In order for creatures of Mass to assent into creatures of Light they must require the knowledge of Light.

There are other beings throughout the heavens who are currently creatures of the Light. Prior to becoming beings of Matter we were also beings of light, we will return to Light. Light exists within an eternity, eternity is the two periods that surround time, because time is not an eternity. People assume that we were always of the flesh, and we are human beings with spiritual experiences, when we are spiritual beings that are living human/flesh experiences.

Our spirit/Light existed before our existence in time because we require a Spirit to exist in the form of the flesh. This means that at our conception a spirit is placed within us during our earliest state of development. That means a form of Light Energy is placed within us at our earliest stage of development. This we cannot inherit from our parents, for the Spirit/Light is the defining nature of a separate individual.
This Light is the "Spirit" that is so widely spoken of in the bible.

James 2.26
            So then, as the body without the Spirit is dead,

Corinthians 15.44
                  When buried, it is a physical body; when raised, it will be a spiritual body.
                  There is, of course, a physical body, so there has to be a spiritual body.

The Spirit/Light is the energy is required to start the Brains Nuro Patterns or Electronic Energies, these energies are required for the body to function. The Brain is what keeps the body alive. If the Brain was to completely shuts down (with all of its Nuro Patterns or Energies) we would die.

When we die the flesh/body dies, because the body is simply a machine that generates or resonates the required frequencies and/or harmonics to hold the Spiritual Form/Light in a state of Matter. Once the machine breaks down or no longer functions (the body dies) then the machine can no longer hold/retain the Spirit/Light. So the Spirit/Light leaves.

Ephesians 5. 8
                    You yourselves used to be in the darkness, but since you have become
                                                                           the Lord's people, you are in the light.

This biblical passage is referring to the 144,000, they are the Lords people, they use
to think blindly, like the majority of the peoples of the world. Now with the Lord's assistance and wisdom they have become knowledgeable of many hidden things, including the meaning of the light.

Many Extraterrestrials beings have developed the technologies, that are required to control the special Frequencies and Harmonics of the Light. They are able to bridge-the-gap between Light and Matter, this allows them to exist in both states. There has been many reports of Extraterrestrial Crafts that appear to turn into Light, and then back into Matter, these reports are true.

Their Extraterrestrials crafts are vehicles that can manipulate forces of the Earth's (as well as other planets) Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields, thus converting Light to Matter, and visa versa. These crafts are actually "Tuning Devices" that can tune themselves in relation to Earth's Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields, with the required Frequencies and Harmonics. The crafts are also perfectly designed according to "PI" this is why they are configured in; circular, spherical, and/or triangular shapes.

Regardless of the crafts shape and the level of their technology, none of it will work
without the knowledge of the Earth's Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields. This is the first thing that has to be understood before one could manipulate them. Only certain places within the fields allow for this manipulation and the governments of the world have now taken an increased interest in these places.

They have monitored them, purchased them, and even place Government Bases and Facilities on them, to keep the public away. The area i live in at; Minot, North Dakota
is sitting right on one of those locations, and the Government has taken an great interest in this area. This area is Harmonically able and Frequently visited by Extraterrestrial Crafts. Most of the times you can not see them because they exist in their state of Light, but i am aware of their presence.

Extraterrestrials of Light can occupy the same space as creatures of Matter, at the same time, this allows them to monitor us at will. They are seen only when they wish to be seen, many times showing themselves to give strength to the believer or to fulfill prophesy. The fulfillment of prophesy is for certain peoples of the world to become creatures of the Light, while the other will become creatures of the darkness.

The Darkness they will become is "Dark-Light Energy", this is the opposite of "Light-Light Energy". The Dark-Light Energy is the dimension of Hell, while the Light-Light Energy is the dimension of Heaven. Despite what other peoples have told you, Hell is not located on this Earth. The Light will shine brightly while the Darkness will be hidden beneath it.

The 144,000 are the first peoples (within our present time) chosen to become creatures of the Light, they have always existed on Earth, as well as other planets because they have always been required for the enlightenment of man-kind. They themselves are educated by those who are already within the Light.

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