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Country of origin
Egypt, originally known as Kemet
Also known as
Benjamin the Devil by the Talamasca
Mekare, Maharet
Book he appears in
The Queen of the Damned
Alive, about 6000 years old
Character description
'Who was the third one with them, who came into view only as Gabrielle turned back to look at him?  My God, such a face, and so placid.  Ancient, powerful, yet letting the two young ones walk before him.  Through the trees I could see a clearing, a house.  On a high stone veranda stood a red haired woman; the woman whom I'd seen in the jungle?  Ancient expressionless mask of a face like the face of the male in the forest who was looking up at her.'

'I felt a great love for him at that moment.  He had then the same beautiful face and form that he has now; only then he was dark skinned and leaner and the curls had been ironed from his hair and it had been plaited and hung long to his shoulders and he had the air of the court around him, the air of one who commands.'
(The Queen of the Damned)
Here are some excellent Khayman pictures from the graphic novels by Innovation.  Please click on the thumbnails to see the full size image.  If the smaller pictures seem a little distorted, don't worry as the larger versions are perfect. 
I found an interesting web site which explains the meaning behind names.  I was shocked to discover they have most of the vampire's names there!  It may not be an accurate meaning but why not look anyway, if only for fun.
Click here for the meaning of the name
or the name the Talamasca knew him as
Here you will find an excellent drawing of Khayman made by my friend Christina.  She is also a huge Khayman fan and a fellow Ankh member.  Danke Christina for taking the trouble to draw him for me. 
- My opinion of Khayman -
Everyone should know (and probably does) that Khayman is my favourite vampire.  I don't mean one of my favourites I mean my absolute favourite.  I know you're intrigued and possibly confused so for reasons why I love him please visit his
shrine.  Now you know what that gold sign represents, to me anyway.

- Status of Khayman in the film The Queen of the Damned -
In the upcoming movie he will be played by Bruce Spence, who is from New Zealand and was in movies like the Mad Max trilogy and Dark City.  No I'm not feeling very happy about this news but I'm not that worried - after reading Vampvan's script it appears Khayman as a character will not be that much altered. 
If you like Khayman vote for him and then visit the following sites...

Ankh - Alliance for Khayman
Well I really shouldn't...but I will.  Visit this site!  It's brilliant.  Go on, you know you want to join.  (;
Bloody Kisses
One of the original Khayman sites - apparently there were several others but they are not there any more, much to my dismay.  A essential place for Khayman fans to visit.
The First Brood
This is not only about Khayman, it has pages on all 5 members of the first brood.  His page (the best obviously) is lovely with the title of 'the warrior prince.'  Wow, why didn't I think of that title before? 
Khayman's Shrine
Contains another character description to jog your memory, reasons why Khayman is so special, pictures of Khayman lookalikes and more, go visit it!

Khayman's Vampire Web Site
Please note, Khayman's vampire web site has very little to do with Khayman but the title is cool and look at the url!
Khayman my Khayman
  This is a lot more than just a Khayman site.  It has a lot of research into ancient Egypt and the design is superb too.  Khayman must be so proud (he is, I read his entry).  Don't forget to sign their guest book.  I did. (;

Dark Gift has some excellent Khayman pictures by Melisante.
Gothic Art has a great picture of him by Tanya Kozik.
photo sources - johnathon schaech pictures, innovation graphic novels
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