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My website does not include coverage of the Queen of the Damned film or Rice's work after Merrick.
You'll find information on Anne Rice's novels in the
library, including some rare book covers not found elsewhere on the net. This is also the section to visit if you have no idea who Anne Rice is!
Each Ricean vampire has their own page in the
vampires section. This section is detailed and comprehensive, you'll find many interesting facts, and rare graphic novel pictures of every signifigant Ricean vampire.
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I'll leave you with an interesting quote from Prism of the Night, Anne's official biography written by Katharine Ramsland.
''Why Anne Rice and why now?  Anne Rice is unique among authors.  Her first novel was heralded as an 'event', though it was ostensibly about vampires, because it seemed to tap into the spirit of a culture seeking new myths.  She detailed the breakdown of the structures of a self based on traditional values, which fed into a contemporary thirst for exploring such a process."
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